Almighty Allah is very kind to his creation, who sent his prophets for the guidance of mankind from time to time. He sent his 124,000 prophets approximately and ended this chain on our Most Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by endowing him the name of Khatam-al-Nabiyyin (the prophet after whom no prophet will be sent). But Almighty Allah did not stop the series of sending his Sufis and Mystics towards his creation to show the right path and will be sending till the Day of Judgment.

Sufis are the holy persons who are believed to have extraordinary holiness. The Sufi is a lover of Allah, and just like any other lover of the worldly things, he also shows the warmth of his love by continuous remembrance of his Beloved. This continuous attention towards Allah has two effects; the inward effect and the outward effect.

  1. In the inward effect, the Sufi cuts from the domain of ‘I and you’ and comes in the realm of Unity.
  2. In the outward effect, God’s attributes become the parts of the Sufi’s conduct gradually.

His Holiness Pir Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri Ziaee Rizwi (Damat Barkatu Hum) aka Sarkar Haji Sahib is one of them. Haji Ghulam Haider Sahib was born on 2nd December 1941 roughly in Baghbanpura near Shalimar Garden Lahore Pakistan. Sarkar Haji Sahib got his early education at the school nearby his home. Then he admitted in Govt. College for higher education and also did his graduation from The University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan. During his education, he also used to go for home tuition to teach others to regulate his study expenses as his parents were unable to pay his study fee.

After completing his master degree, he got a Government job in AG (Accountant General) office Lahore Pakistan. During his job, he used to go into the office of Qibla Sufi Siddique Sahib Sarkar to get spiritual knowledge. Qibla Sufi Siddique Sahib is renowned mystic and was the true follower of (name of his spiritual leader). In the age of 40 years, Sarkar Haji Sahib became the disciple of Hazrat Zia ul Din Madni who was the disciple of Aala Hazrat Shah Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi (Radhi Allah Anhu). After the election of spiritual leader, Sarkar Haji Sahib opened a room to deal with the public matters at his home, which is known as the hermitage of His Holiness Pir Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri Sahib. At his hermitage, Sarkar Haji Sahib solves the public matters and gives free medicine prepared by natural herbs to the people from whom they get complete recovery and spiritual dose too.

At 9.30 PM after the Isha Prayer, the daily spiritual gathering is held under the kind superintendence of Sarkar Haji Ghulam Haider Sahib at the house of his nephew Muhammad Ehsaan Qadir (roughly 10 doors ahead from the hermitage of Sarkar Haji Ghulam Haider Sahib). The program starts with the few verses from the Holy Quran. After this, special praise is presented in the honor of the Most Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). At 10 PM, Sarkar Haji Sahib starts the spiritual lecture with his eloquent style for one hour. Sometimes he orates orally or sometimes through some religious books of different writers, including Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri, Ishfaq Ahmed and other religious scholars. Through the magnificent speech of Sarkar Haji Sahib, the audiences get inspiration and spiritual dose to succeed in the both worlds. At the end of this daily program 11.30 PM; the special lunger (food) is served among the viewers.

After this daily program, Sarkar Haji Sahib again comes back towards his hermitage and provides the time to the public for their matters and gives them free consultancy. This routine continues till 1 AM. Daily night walk is also a part of his routine. Tahajjud Prayer and the chain of different Wazaif continues till Fajr Prayer.

Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri is a great preacher, a great educationist, a great moralist and a loving personality. He is the glory of the learned and the light of Islam; the Spokesman of theologians, the Interpreter of spiritual knowledge, the unique graceful personality, the Succourer, the star of the contented souls, the humanitarian, the personality of the modern views, a revolutionary, and the glittering star of Silsillah e Qadria. May he live long! Amen

The Voice of Humble Followers and Lovers Towards their Beloved Succorer and Master Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri Sahib

From the beginning, my heart is burning with your love

While it burns, it desires a single glance of your light

The two worlds don’t give the delight of a single deepest sigh

With thousands sighs, every moment my heart is in the desire of your countenance