Jashn e Wiladat Hadrat Ali Murtaza (a.s)

At the hermitage of Sarakar Haji Sahib, the sacred event of the birth of Beloved Maula e Kaainat Hadrat Ali (Alaihissalam) was celebrated with the traditional zeal and zest on 4th June 2012 (13th Rajab). His Holiness Haji Ghulam Haider Qadri (Damat Barkatuhum Aali) called this Mehfil as the name of Jashn e Meelad e Ali (Alaihissalam).

This great Mehfil was started after Isha Prayer at 10:00 PM with the recitation of Holy Quran. Afterward, the praisers praised in the honor of Most Beloved Hazrat Ali whereas His Holiness also expressed his feelings by making a magnificent speech about the dignity and the glory of this great personality, Beloved Hazat Ali (Alaihissalam). During the entire program, Muhammad Saqib Gohar Qadri (humble follower) performed the responsibility of compering prudently.

The program ended at 1:00 Am with the special prayer of Sarkar Haji Sb for getting the true love of Beloved Maula e Kaainat Hadrat Ali (Alaihissalam) and Panjtan Pak (Alaihissalam). Special food was also served among the audience who enjoyed this great event extravagantly.